About Us

This company is about encouraging one to have a commitment, devotion, and strength to create a lifestyle that is built upon your interest or niche. Empowering and claiming our individual gifts and talents with the loyalty and joyfulness that will bring success.

GEEKFOURLIFE will give the ability to express yourself through its apparel. Taking the thought or idea of a GEEK and bring them from the shadows into the for forefront!!! What does Geek mean to us? Smart, talented, successful, witty, inventive, creative, different, focus, you are dedicated to being yourself, and love bring the exception to the rules. Geek means the best ball player, golfer, student, gym-fitness, computer, doctor, lawyer, band member, solider, (karate kid) surfer, arties, video gamer, fisher, singer, mom, dancer etc… Geek four life is a culture, a way of life, walking in love supporting our fellow man. Live life being fearless, kind, and full of purposes while making a statement for God. We are not just a clothing and apparel we give back to different communities; food drives, clothing give a ways, helping less fortunate. We will donate a portion, to our US military, with each military concept sold. We have sponsored and plan on continuing to sponsors more people, chasing their dream and living life to the fullest.

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